Brantwood: The home of John Ruskin:

Brantwood: The home of John Ruskin

Brantwood: The home of John Ruskin:

Brantwood was the home of John Ruskin, who was one of the greatest figures of the Victorian age.

Ruskin lived in this magnificent Grade II-listed house on the east side of Coniston for 28 years after he moved here from London in 1872 to find peace and healing.

Brantwood: The home of John Ruskin

It is believed he bought the house unseen!

On moving in, Ruskin arranged for extensive repairs to the house, as well as additional building work – such as the turret room, which revealed amazing views up and down the lake.

Brantwood: The home of John Ruskin

He also built a lodge for his valet, a coach house for horses and even an ice house.

Undoubtedly, Brantwood is one of the most beautiful houses in the Lake District.

The house is situated in a stunning setting overlooking Coniston Water and was bought as a centre of study and quiet reflection.

Furthermore, the grounds are an attraction in their own right, set on a mountainside with 250 acres of gardens which were designed and built by Ruskin himself.

Ruskin was enthusiastic about horticulture and conservation.

There are beautiful views over  Coniston and the Old Man from the hillside garden, and, in summer, you can board the vintage steamer Gondola here to make a special day to remember.

Brantwood: The home of John Ruskin

The house contains many fine paintings, including JMW Turner and beautiful furniture.

Incidentally, to this day, the house retains the character of its most famous resident.

Ruskin was one of the most important figures in the Victorian period; he was a theorist and passionate critic of society.

Above all, was a famous writer, critic, artist, and social reformer.

Brantwood remains a place of inspiration in part because of the magnificent views of Coniston Water and the Lakeland mountains.

As a final point, a children’s house and garden trails are available during the holidays.

Ruskin died in 1900 aged 80. He was buried at his request in St Andrew’s churchyard in Coniston.

Brantwood: The home of John Ruskin

His grave sits at the back of the churchyard and has an impressive Celtic cross designed by his friend W.G Collingwood. It is inscribed with signs and symbols that reflect his interest in nature, geology and art.

Brantwood is situated off the B5285 and is 30 minutes away from Lothlorien by car.

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