Backstage Pass: The world of Keswick's Theatre by the Lake

Backstage Pass: The world of Keswick’s Theatre by the Lake

Backstage Pass: The world of Keswick’s Theatre by the Lake

Keswick’s  Theatre by the Lake stands as a beacon of cultural richness and artistic brilliance. 

The theatre is a modest, stone-built venue with picnic benches outside that overlook Derwentwater.

Situated in this quaint town, surrounded by the picturesque Lake District, has become synonymous with more than just stunning natural beauty – it’s also home to a unique theatrical gem that captivates both locals and tourists alike.

More than just a stage, this vibrant hub for the performing arts weaves a spellbinding experience, captivating audiences with its innovative productions, stunning location, and rich history.

Whether you’re a seasoned theatre enthusiast or a curious first-timer, Theatre by the Lake promises an unforgettable encounter with the world of imagination.

A Stage Framed by Beauty:

As you approach the Theatre by the Lake, the first thing that strikes you is its idyllic location. 

Backstage Pass: The world of Keswick's Theatre by the Lake

Surrounded by the majestic Derwentwater and enveloped by rolling hills, the venue provides a theatrical experience that seamlessly blends artistry with nature. The setting alone makes this theatre a must-visit destination, attracting those seeking not only a cultural feast but also a visual one.

A Legacy of Creativity:

The story of Theatre by the Lake began in 1932, its origins humble yet driven by a passion for artistic expression.

From a touring theatre on wheels to its permanent lakeside home, the theatre has consistently evolved, showcasing groundbreaking productions and nurturing local talent.

Today, it boasts two stages – the intimate Studio and the grand Main House – offering a diverse range of performances, from classic works to innovative contemporary pieces.

Beyond the Mainstage: Embracing the Artistic Spirit:

Theatre by the Lake isn’t just about what happens on stage; it’s a vibrant community hub buzzing with creative energy.

Throughout the year, a rich tapestry of events unfolds, offering something for everyone.

Explore exhibitions showcasing local artists, participate in workshops, or be inspired by talks and readings.

Backstage Pass: The world of Keswick's Theatre by the Lake

The Lakeside Cafe Restaurant and the Spotlight Bar provide the perfect pre-or post-show gathering places, inviting you to savor delicious food and drinks while immersing yourself in the theatrical atmosphere.

For Theatre Lovers:

Seeking a taste of the classics? Immerse yourself in timeless Shakespearean productions or be moved by the power of historical dramas.

The Main House stage provides a grand setting for these larger-scale productions, transporting you to different worlds and eras.

For the Adventurous:

Craving something fresh and unexpected?

The Studio stage is your haven!

Embrace innovative contemporary works, experimental pieces, and cutting-edge performances that challenge perspectives and spark conversation.

For Families:

Looking for a fun-filled outing that sparks young imaginations?

Theatre by the Lake offers a dedicated program for children and families.

From interactive shows and workshops to captivating puppetry and storytelling, there’s something to ignite every young mind.

More Than Just a Performance:

Theatre by the Lake transcends the traditional theatre experience.

It’s a gateway to exploring the rich cultural tapestry of Cumbria and the Lake District.

Backstage Pass: The world of Keswick's Theatre by the Lake

After a captivating performance, venture into the charming town of Keswick, wander through the stunning landscapes, or delve into the region’s fascinating history.

Planning Your Visit:

Making your way to Theatre by the Lake in Keswick is an adventure in itself.

Arrive early and explore the scenic setting, enjoy a stroll along the lakeshore, or savour a delicious meal at the restaurant.

With its convenient location and ample parking, getting there is a breeze.

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