A Seaside Special – Morecambe Bay

A Seaside Special – Morecambe Bay

A Seaside Special – Morecambe Bay:

Where is Morecambe Bay?

Morecambe Bay is a remarkable part of the northwest coastline of England.

Its 120 square miles of sand sit between North Lancashire and South Cumbria. It stretches between Fleetwood to the south and Walney Island to the north.

But, Morecambe Bay is like nowhere else in the country.

The sands are revealed twice every 24 hours by the outgoing tide, leaving it as invigorating as it is calming with spectacular natural beauty and fascinating heritage.

The whole bay area has a sense and feeling of wonder.

With its intertidal areas, land and seascapes, natural habitats and wildlife, ecology, geology and natural occurring attractions which engage visitors in the natural environment in and around Morecambe Bay.

Its wildlife and birds are of international interest. With  a landscape borne of its people and traditions.

It is a much-loved outdoor challenge and a favourite place for all the family.

In generations past, fishermen from around the bay earned their living from the sea and sands of the bay.

A Seaside Special - Morecambe Bay

The bay was fished for cockles, shrimps, flukes, and whitebait all destined for the markets in the industrial towns of Lancashire and Yorkshire.

Morecambe Bay Seals

Did you know that you can see seals in Morecambe Bay?

Seal populations are growing in the Morecambe Bay area thanks to the tireless conservation efforts of many people.

Head to the South Walney Nature Reserve of the Cumbria Wildlife Trust to observe the resident seal population in Morecambe Bay and witness our Great Grey seals.

It is the only place on the bay where they come ashore.

The hide at Lighthouse Bay can provide a great vantage point, with the seals coming closer to the shore as the tide comes in.

A Seaside Special - Morecambe Bay

Be aware, during pupping season access restrictions are put in place.

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