Seas the Day at the Commodore

Seas the Day at the Commodore

Seas the Day at the Commodore

Located on the picturesque shores of Morecambe Bay, the Commodore Hotel in Grange-over-Sands stands as a testament to the bygone era.

In fact, it’s probably the oldest public house in Grange.

Originally a coaching inn for the cross-sands coach service from Lancaster to Ulverston which began around 1785. By 1820, travellers to Grange were able to rest at this coaching house, then called “Bay Horse”.

The remains of the old stables remain to this day.

A turnpike from Greenodd to Levens was built in 1819 didn’t pass through isolated Grange. It wasn’t until 1875 that a connecting road to Lindale finally opened.

Victorian Roots

Imagine strolling down the corridors of the Commodore Hotel, and stepping back in time. It was originally erected during the Victorian era, and the hotel’s architecture pays homage to the grandeur of the 19th century.

As you wander through its corridors, admire the intricate details, and soak in the ambiance, you’ll find yourself transported to a time when sophistication and craftsmanship reigned supreme.

Grand Beginnings

The story of the Commodore Hotel begins with its grand opening, a momentous occasion that marked the emergence of a new jewel along the Grange-over-Sands coastline.

Seas the Day at the Commodore

From its inception, the hotel has been a beacon of luxury, attracting discerning travellers seeking respite by the bay.

Surviving the Years

Over the decades, Commodore Hotel has weathered the storms, both literal and metaphorical, emerging as a resilient symbol of hospitality.

The hostelry later changed its name to “Commercial” before taking a more modern-sounding title, “Commodore”.

Looking down from the hotel is the car park. It is believed to be the location of the old sea wall where a customs house may have been.

Even though years have passed, the hotel hasn’t lost its architectural magic. It still holds onto its old-world charm and character, making it a special place for history buffs and modern adventurers alike.


Today, as you stroll through the corridors of the Commodore Hotel in Grange-over-Sands, you are not merely a guest; you are part of a living history that continues to unfold with each passing day.

Seas the Day at the Commodore

The echoes of laughter, the whispers of the past, and the warm hospitality envelop you, creating an experience that transcends time.

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