Saint Mary, Rydal

Saint Mary, Rydal

Saint Mary, Rydal:

The chapel of St. Mary, Rydal in the Lake District, was built by Lady le Fleming, who lived across the road at Rydal Hall. The cost being £1,500. She herself laid the foundation stone in July 1823. The church was opened for public worship on Christmas Day 1824.

William Wordsworth, who at the time, was living at Rydal Mount at the top of the lane, helped to choose the site which was originally an orchard.

William Wordsworth

The Poet Laureate, William Wordsworth, was a churchwarden here around 1833. The Wordsworth pew is directly in front of the pulpit and was used by the Wordsworth family for a quarter of a century.

Saint Mary, Rydal

On Sunday, March 10th  1850, attended his last service before falling ill. He died on April 23rd, 1850.

Saint Mary, Rydal

On November 24th, 1957, Rydal Church was closed for major repairs. Dry rot and woodworm had attacked the roof and windows to such an extent that it was in immediate danger of collapsing.

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