Grasmere St Oswald’s Church

Grasmere St Oswald’s Church

Grasmere St Oswald’s Church:

St Oswald’s Parish Church is in the pretty village of Grasmere on the banks of the Rothay.

The church’s first appearance is unimpressive, owing to its ugly cement rendering. The interior is significantly more intriguing.

Parts of the church date back to the 13th century.

Subsequently, for hundreds of years, this was the main parish church for the district.

Deceased parishioners from the outlying areas, including Ambleside, Elterwater and the Langdale Valley had to be carried along a series of ‘coffin trails’ or corpse roads’ to be buried in Grasmere.

The village is synonymous with William Wordsworth and his family are buried in the graveyard.

William actually died on April 23rd, 1850 after catching a cold on a walk. His wife died nine years later.

The graves are hidden away in a quiet corner of the churchyard and protected by low iron railings.

Furthermore, the tombstones of William, Mary and Dorothy as well as the Wordsworth children are all situated here.

It’s disappointing to learn that a priceless prayer book that once belonged to William Wordsworth has been stolen.

The prayer book, dating back to 1835, was removed from a glass cabinet from inside the church.

Grasmere St Oswald’s Church

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