Cartmel Fell

Cartmel Fell School And The Worn Rock Slide

The Parish Hall (pictured) on Cartmel Fell was once the school but closed in 1971 due to the falling number of pupils.

Opposite the hall, you will see a rock slide, worn smooth by countless children down the years (see photo below).

rock slide

When the school was built in 1871, it was very modern, with a high ceiling and large windows set above eye level to avoid distracting the pupils’ attention.

Until the new school was built, children attended lessons in the church.

To this day, in the Cowmire box pew, carved grid patterns can be seen on the seats which are probably methods of teaching children fractions.

In 1971, Cartmel Fell school became unviable due to falling pupil numbers and was closed.

It is now used as a parish hall for meetings, flower festivals, dances and other social activities.

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