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Brief Encounter – A Romantic Film

Brief Encounter – A Romantic Film:

Did you know that Carnforth Railway Station starred in David Lean’s film Brief Encounter? 

The film follows a young lady (Celia Johnson) and a surgeon (Trevor Howard) who meet by chance on the platform.

Over the coming weeks their chance encounter grows into something more, despite them both already being married.

Furthermore, the station clock became a powerful icon as a result of the film shot in 1945.

Brief Encounter – A Romantic Film

An interesting story connected to the filming of Brief Encounter, was that Dame Celia Johnson stayed at Low Wood Bay Resort and Spa on Windermere during filming. She travelled to Carnforth each day by Rolls Royce!

Carnforth Station is a must for fans of Brief Encounter. To walk through the underpass where they steal their first kiss, race up the long ramps, pass under the famous clock and visit the refreshment room – it’s like stepping onto the set as an extra.

The station boasts its own Brief Encounter Heritage Centre just off the platform.

Five Additional Facts about Brief Encounter *

1. Alternative Endings:

Originally, the film had a more ambiguous ending, but it was changed to the iconic final scene we know today.

2. Hidden Homages:

The 2013 film “About Time,” also directed by Richard Curtis, pays homage to “Brief Encounter” in a scene at the same train station, Carnforth Railway Station.

3. Noël Coward’s Cameo: Noël Coward, who wrote the original play, makes a silent cameo in the film as a train station passenger.

4. Awards and Nominations:

“Brief Encounter” received three Academy Award nominations in 1947, including Best Actress for Celia Johnson.

5. Train Station Location:

The film was primarily shot at Carnforth Railway Station in Lancashire, England. The station has since become a tourist attraction for fans of the film. The Carnforth Railway Station is easily reached from Kents Bank Station, a 5-minute walk from Lothlorien Holiday Cottage. 

If you are looking for a pet-friendly holiday cottage with easy access to Carnforth enquire here.

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