Ambleside Roman Fort

Ambleside Roman Fort

Ambleside Roman Fort is a fascinating archaeological site located in the village of Ambleside in the English Lake District. 

During the Roman army’s conquest of Northern Britain, towards the end of the 1st century AD, a small timber fort was built here in Ambleside to house a garrison of 200 men.

The fort was built on a hill overlooking Windermere, providing an excellent view of the surrounding area and allowing the Romans to keep an eye out for any potential threats.

This early fort was soon abandoned.

The site was soon reoccupied early in the 2nd century AD.

As the field, known as Gorran’s Field, is prone to flooding and is very boggy, so stone was used for the second fort and built on a raised platform which is still visible today.

The building was larger to accommodate to house a cohort of 500 auxiliary infantrymen.

The fort was in use until the 4th century AD with a large civilian settlement developing on the north and east sides.

It is thought the fort was known as Galava in Roman records.

Architectural excavations between 1913 and 1920 revealed the forts defences and parts of the internal building arrangement.

The fort is partially exposed, and there are information boards and viewing platforms around the site.

Ambleside Roman Fort

Today, you can still see the remains of the main gate, south gate, the commanding officer’s house, headquarters building (Principia), and granaries (Horrea).

Surprisingly, this Ambleside visitor attraction is often overlooked, and people are surprised to discover its existence.

Ambleside Roman Fort is a great place to visit for anyone interested in learning more about Roman history or exploring an ancient site.

It’s a great way to get a glimpse into what life was like for the Romans during their occupation of Britain.

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