Cumbria Grand Hotel

Cumbria Grand Hotel

Cumbria Grand Hotel:

The Furness Railway Company once owned the Hazelwood Hydro which later became the Cumbria Grand. Originally it was known as Brown Robin Mansion and was built as a private residence.

The hotel was built on limestone rock and is completely free of dampness.

Once the railway arrived, Victorians would flock to Grange from tows all around the north west for its warm climate and health benefits

As Grange had become known as a ‘health resort’, by 1887, the hotel was adapted and became a hydropathic hotel following its expansion.

The Grand hotel boasted Turkish and steam baths which hotel residents found extremely popular.

An attendant would meet guests on arrival at Grange Station for the half-mile journey to the hotel

Residents could enjoy games such as whist, billiards, and games such as tennis, croquet, badminton, and quoits.

The hotel had a grand Victorian ballroom, which was a prestigious venue for elegant ballroom and sequence dancing.

Cumbria Grand Hotel

At the time it hadn’t a license to sell alcohol, and guests had to order their own drink a week in advance of their stay.

Around 1900, the hotel overlooked marshy ground occupied by cattle from Grange Marsh Farm.

By 1930, The Hydro changed its name to the Grand Hotel, after previously being known as the Golf Hotel due to the hotel owning what is now Grange-over-Sands Golf Club

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