Vincent Motorbikes

Vincent Motorbikes in Cumbria

Vincent Motorbikes in Cumbria:

A collection of legendary Vincent motorbikes has gone on show at the Lakeland Motor Museum in Backbarrow.

Vincent Motorbikes in Cumbria


The museum is just off the A590 close to Newby Bridge at the southern tip of Windermere.

It is almost 70 years since the last Vincent motorbike was manufactured but five are now on display at the museum

Philip Conrad Vincent founded the Vincent HRD Company Ltd ” the makers of the world’s fastest motorcycles” in 1928.

The Vincent marque is synonymous with quality and prestige with the bikes seen as the epitome of motorcycling excellence. 

Vincent was something of a visionary and although he had little practical experience to call on, his inventive mind developed ideas and concepts that were years ahead of their time.

He once said: It was the glaring faults in accepted practice in the 1920s that drove me to take up motorcycle manufacture, to try to improve design standards.”

Vincent Motorbikes in Cumbria

The new collection adds to the 70-plus bikes already on display.

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