Testimonial from Philosopher Dr Ben Irvine

Testimonial from Philosopher Dr Ben Irvine

Testimonial from Philosopher Dr Ben Irvine:

“I stayed at Lothlorien when I started work on the first chapter of my first book Einstein and the Art of Mindful Cycling: Achieving Balance in the Modern World.

“The start of a book is always the hardest part. But Lothlorien helped me get focused and ready.

“I spent many happy times gazing out of the lounge window across the wild expanses of Morecambe Bay.

Furthermore, I felt as though my worries and cares were drifting far away with the tide, and being replaced by calmness and concentration.

“In this replenished state of mind, I found that my head was soon full of creative ideas and solutions for the book.

“I was writing about mindfulness, but I was also living mindfulness – thanks to the peacefulness and beauty of my surroundings.

Testimonial from Philosopher Dr Ben Irvine

A calm sense of self-awareness and openness to the world comes easily at Lothlorien.

“I did a lot of hard work at Lothlorien, but I also found it easy to relax in such a tidy and clean house.

When I met David and his wife Pam, they were so friendly and welcoming, it was another reason to feel contented.

“I heartily recommend Lothlorien for a happy and mindful holiday.”

Dr Ben Irvine

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