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Time And Tide – Morecambe Bay

Time and Tide:

The River Kent flows into the bay carving deep, ever-shifting, channels into the shimmering sands of Morecambe Bay.

Over the years the sands have claimed the lives of hundreds of people from fishermen and travellers alike.

In particular, most  have fallen victim to the dangerous tides and quicksands.

The safest way to cross the sands is with an experienced guide.

Cross Bay Walks are led by Cedric Robinson MBE the Queen’s Official Guide.

The Guide’s role is to  navigate walkers safely over the treacherous sands from Arnside to Kents Bank.

Morecambe Bay is a fascinating piece of coastline with its shifting sands surrounded by gently rolling farmland and classic seaside towns.

Lothlorien is a perfect place to stay in the pretty village of Kents Bank on the edge of the bay.

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