For Walkers and Cyclists: The Role of the Morecambe Bay Partnership

The Role of the Morecambe Bay Partnership

The Role of the Morecambe Bay Partnership 

Morecambe Bay is a breathtaking expanse of water, stretching from Barrow-in-Furness to Fleetwood.

This vast estuary, home to a diverse array of wildlife and heritage, is a true jewel of the British landscape.

Behind the preservation and promotion of this remarkable natural haven lies the unwavering commitment of the Morecambe Bay Partnership (MBP).

A Mission to Nurture and Connect

Founded in 2003, MBP is a registered charity dedicated to safeguarding Morecambe Bay for present and future generations.

Their mission is not merely to protect the bay’s natural beauty but also to foster a deep connection between communities and this remarkable environment.

The Role of the Morecambe Bay Partnership

Enriching the Bay Experience

MBP’s efforts encompass a wide range of initiatives, all aimed at enriching the visitor experience and fostering a sense of stewardship among local residents.

They organize educational programs for school children, guided walks and tours for nature enthusiasts, and cultural events that celebrate the bay’s rich heritage.

Protecting the Natural Tapestry

A central pillar of MBP’s work is the preservation of Morecambe Bay’s fragile ecosystem.

They actively engage in environmental campaigns, advocating for sustainable practices and addressing pollution concerns.

Their efforts have contributed to the restoration of vital habitats and the conservation of endangered species.

Collaborative Spirit and Community Engagement

MBP thrives on collaboration, working closely with local councils, organizations, and individuals to achieve their goals.

They actively seek feedback from communities, ensuring that their initiatives resonate with the needs and aspirations of those who live and work alongside the bay.

A Legacy of Passion and Stewardship

The MBP’s impact is evident in the transformation of Morecambe Bay into a vibrant and thriving natural haven.

The Role of the Morecambe Bay Partnership

Their dedication to education, conservation, and community engagement has fostered a deep appreciation for this unique environment, ensuring its continued legacy for generations to come.

Joining the MBP’s Endeavors

Anyone who shares a passion for Morecambe Bay’s beauty and significance can contribute to the MBP’s mission.

Whether by volunteering time, donating resources, or simply spreading awareness, every act of support contributes to the preservation and enhancement of this remarkable coastal treasure.

Lothlorien Holiday Cottage in Grange-over-Sands is delighted to partner Morecambe Bay Partnership and support their environmental aims and objectives.

The Role of the Morecambe Bay Partnership


The Morecambe Bay Partnership stands as a testament to the power of collective action in safeguarding our natural heritage.

Their unwavering dedication to education, conservation, and community engagement has transformed Morecambe Bay into a beloved destination and a source of pride for the region.

As we continue to explore and appreciate this extraordinary estuary, we must remember the tireless efforts of the MBP, ensuring that Morecambe Bay remains a beacon of natural beauty and community spirit for years to come.

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