An Historical Journey of the Langdale Chase Hotel

An Historical Journey of the Langdale Chase Hotel

An Historical Journey of the Langdale Chase Hotel

Positioned overlooking Windermere, the Langdale Chase Hotel stands as a testament to over a century of hospitality and elegance.

From its humble beginnings as a private residence to its current status as a luxurious hotel, the Langdale Chase Hotel has captivated guests with its timeless charm and impeccable service.

An Historical Journey of the Langdale Chase Hotel

Langdale Chase Hotel Reborn

The historic Langdale Chase Hotel has recently undergone a classy revival and extensive makeover to this gothic building since opening in 1937!

Under new ownership by Daniel Thwaites, the hotel now boasts 30 luxurious en-suite bedrooms, most with stunning lake views.

They’ve also created inviting social spaces to soak up the atmosphere.

While modernising the hotel, they’ve carefully preserved the charm of the original 1890 Grade II listed building.

An Historical Journey of the Langdale Chase

Even the gardens, originally designed by renowned local Thomas Masson, are getting a four-year revamp!

A Legacy Rooted in the Lake District

The story of Daniel Thwaites, the company behind the refurbishment, is deeply intertwined with the region.

Daniel Thwaites himself, a local lad who went on to build a successful brewery, the company now boasts 216 years of history.

They’re bringing that heritage and passion for hospitality to this exciting new chapter for Langdale Chase.

A Private Residence with a Rich Legacy

The story of Langdale Chase Hotel began in the late 19th century when Edna Howarth, the wife of a wealthy Manchester businessman, commissioned the construction of a grand residence on the shores of Lake Windermere.

Designed by the architectural firm of J.L. Ball, J.T. Lee and Pattinson of Manchester, the house was completed in 1891 and exuded an air of refined elegance.

Inside there was rich panelling salvaged from earlier buildings, and timber lying in the cellars from Beverley Minster, Tudor fireplaces, stained-glass windows, plasterwork ceilings, and window seats.

Originally conceived as ‘a small retreat’ it took five years to complete and was the first house in Windermere to have electricity.

It was here on the shore of Lake Windermere that Mrs Howarth lived with a staff of 16 -eight indoor servants and eight caring for the gardens, carriages, and boats, including a steam launch.

A Transformation into a Hotel

After Edna Howarth’s passing in 1914, the property passed through several hands until it was acquired by the Dalzell family in 1930.

Realising the potential of the property as a hotel, the Dalzells embarked on a transformation, converting the grand residence into a luxurious establishment, set in 4.5 acres.

The original garden was designed by Thomas Hayton Mawson, the architect associated with The Hague’s Palace of Peace gardens.

An Historical Journey of the Langdale Chase

The Birth of Langdale Chase Hotel

In 1937, the Langdale Chase Hotel officially opened its doors, welcoming guests to experience the tranquility and beauty of the Lake District. The hotel quickly gained a reputation for its impeccable service, refined accommodations, and stunning views of Lake Windermere.

Through the Decades: A Legacy of Excellence

Over the years, the Langdale Chase Hotel has undergone several renovations, ensuring that its facilities and amenities remain at the forefront of luxury hospitality. Yet, despite the changes, the hotel has retained its original charm and character, preserving the elegance that has captivated guests for generations.

The most historic rooms are gloriously gothic without being oppressive with the main hall boasting a recently renovated carved oak staircase and gallery.

An Historical Journey of the Langdale Chase Hotel

A Haven for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Located in the heart of the Lake District National Park, the Langdale Chase Hotel offers a perfect base for exploring the region’s stunning natural beauty. Hiking trails wind through the surrounding hills and valleys, leading to breathtaking viewpoints and hidden waterfalls. Rock climbers scale the towering cliffs, while mountain bikers navigate challenging trails. Kayakers and canoeists glide across the tranquil waters of Lake Windermere, and anglers cast their lines in search of trout and salmon.

A Culinary Delight

After a day of outdoor adventures, guests can indulge in the Langdale Chase Hotel’s award-winning cuisine. The hotel’s restaurant offers a delectable menu of modern British dishes, prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The restaurant’s panoramic dining room provides a stunning backdrop for savoring a memorable meal.

A Timeless Retreat

Today, the Langdale Chase Hotel stands as a testament to its rich history and enduring appeal. The hotel continues to welcome guests from around the world, offering a sanctuary of tranquility and luxury amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the Lake District.

Whether seeking a romantic escape, a family getaway, or a retreat for solo travelers, the Langdale Chase Hotel provides a perfect setting for relaxation and rejuvenation.

An Historical Journey of the Langdale Chase

A Legacy of Hospitality

As the Langdale Chase Hotel embarks on its next chapter, one thing remains certain: its commitment to providing an exceptional guest experience. With its timeless elegance, impeccable service, and dedication to preserving the natural beauty of the Lake District, the Langdale Chase Hotel continues to captivate and enchant guests, ensuring that its legacy of hospitality endures for generations to come.

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