St Anthony's Tower, Milnthorpe

St Anthony’s Tower, Milnthorpe

St Anthony’s Tower, Milnthorpe:

High above village of Milnthorpe, in Cumbria, England, stands a remarkable historic structure that has intrigued visitors for centuries

Travelling along the A6 between Levens and Milnthorpe you will see a round grey tower, on the hilltop.

St. Anthony’s Tower is an enigmatic tower that holds within its ancient walls stories of the past.

Until the arrival of the railways, Milnthorpe was Westmorland’s only seaport.

With those early days of trading long gone, this nearby hilltop provides an interesting link with those times of commercial prosperity.

St Anthony’s Tower was built by Henry Smithies to commemorate the passing of the 1832 Reform Bill – an excuse for folly builders all over the country at that time.

This was the act that introduced major changes to the electoral system of England and Wales.

The tower contains a vaulted ground-floor chamber, and a first-floor room reached by a winding external stair.

Inside, an internal stair winds up to the roof, where the stump of a flagpole is still visible.

Furthermore, the views from the roof, over the Kent estuary are stunning.

During World War II, the tower was used as an observation post, being manned by the Home Guard.

The building has been restored in the last few years, but unfortunately does not have any public access.

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