South Lakeland

South Lakeland

South Lakeland:

Why not escape the hustle and bustle of urban life and immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscapes of South Lakeland?

Nestled in the heart of the Lake District National Park in England, South Lakeland offers a rejuvenating experience for nature enthusiasts, adventure seekers, and anyone looking to unwind in a picturesque setting.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the captivating allure of South Lakeland and highlight its top attractions, ensuring you’re well-prepared for an unforgettable journey.

Discover this beautiful Area:

The South Lakeland covers a wide area, stretching from Ambleside to the north, Ulverston to the south, Sedbrgh in the east, and Broughton-in-Furness to the west.

South Lakeland is a simply stunning area and a haven for nature lovers, boasting serene lakes, rolling hills, and lush forests.

One of its crown jewels is Lake Windermere, the largest natural lake in England.

South Lakeland

Embark on a leisurely cruise or take a peaceful stroll along the shoreline to take in the tranquil views. For the more adventurous, kayaking and paddleboarding on the lake’s crystal-clear waters provide an exhilarating experience.

If you’re seeking awe-inspiring vistas, a hike up Orrest Head is a must.

Orrest Head

This relatively easy trail rewards you with panoramic views of Lake Windermere and the surrounding fells, making it a favourite among both novice and experienced hikers.

For those craving a more challenging trek, the ascent of Scafell Pike, England’s highest peak, promises an unparalleled sense of accomplishment.

Charming Villages:

South Lakeland is dotted with charming villages that exude a quaint and timeless charm. Ambleside, with its traditional stone buildings, is a delightful spot for exploring and an ideal base for touring the central lakes.

Nearby, the village of Hawkshead captivates with its medieval architecture and connections to renowned poet William Wordsworth.

South Lakeland

Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in South Lakeland’s cultural offerings. The Beatrix Potter Gallery in Hawkshead celebrates the beloved author’s work and showcases her intricate illustrations.

Additionally, the Lakeland Arts museum in Kendal houses an impressive collection of art and artifacts, providing a glimpse into the region’s artistic heritage.


As you set out to uncover the wonders of South Lakeland, remember that this hidden gem offers a unique blend of natural beauty, historic charm, and outdoor adventures.

There is something here for everyone.

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