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Morecambe: A Seaside Adventure

Morecambe: A Seaside Adventure

Tucked away on England’s northwest coast, where the majestic Lakeland Fells meet the shimmering Morecambe Bay, lies a hidden gem: Morecambe.

Morecambe: A Seaside Adventure

Location and Accessibility

Situated on the Lancashire coast, Morecambe boasts easy accessibility, making it a convenient retreat for travelers. With its well-connected road and rail networks, getting to Morecambe is a breeze, providing a seamless journey for visitors staying at the nearby Lothlorien Holiday Cottage.

Seaside Delights

Morecambe offers a charm all its own. Imagine strolling along the expansive beach, the gentle rhythm of the waves your soundtrack. Breathe in the fresh sea air, dotted with the cries of playful gulls.

Morecambe: A Seaside Adventure

Family-Friendly Attractions

For families staying at Lothlorien Holiday Cottage, Morecambe offers an array of family-friendly attractions.

Happy Mount Park, with its charming gardens and play areas, provides a delightful escape for children, while the nearby promenade offers fun for all ages.

Historical Landmarks

Immerse yourself in history at the iconic Art Deco Midland Hotel, a masterpiece of the Silver Screen era.

Morecambe: A Seaside Adventure

Delve into the fascinating story of Eric Morecambe, the comedian who put this little seaside town on the map, at the Morecambe Winter Gardens.

The Brucciani family has been making ice cream in Morecambe for over 100 years. 

The current café opened the summer before World War Two broke out so, at the time, Morecambe was heaving with servicemen and women who used to come in to buy ice cream, cigarettes, and chocolate.

Morecambe: A Seaside Adventure

The Art Deco Coffee and Ice Cream Parlour is situated near the Winter Gardens on the promenade.

Four Interesting Facts about Morecambe

1. Population and Demographics:

Morecambe is a town on Morecambe Bay in Lancashire, England. According to the 2011 census, the population was around 34,768.

2. Economic Overview:

Historically known as a seaside resort, Morecambe has faced economic challenges. Efforts have been made to regenerate the area, such as the redevelopment of the seafront and the Eric Morecambe statue.

3. Tourism and Attractions:

Morecambe boasts the iconic Midland Hotel, a Grade II-listed building with stunning Art Deco architecture. The Eric Morecambe statue on the promenade is a popular attraction.

The bronze sculpture portrays the much-loved comedian – who borrowed his hometown name – his classic ” BringMe Sunshine” pose.

The statue was unveiled by the late Queen in 1999.

It is claimed that Morecambe is where the name “bingo” was invented; the popular pastime had previously been called “housey housey”.

4. Geography:

Morecambe Bay is known for having one of the largest tidal ranges in the world, with tides that can recede over a mile. 


In conclusion, Morecambe stands as a charming seaside destination with a perfect blend of natural beauty, history, and family-friendly attractions. Its proximity to Lothlorien Holiday Cottage in Grange-over-Sands makes it an ideal choice for those seeking a tranquil retreat with easy access to the delights of both the coastline and the Lake District.

Explore Morecambe, and discover the magic that awaits along its picturesque shores.

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