Visit the beautiful Manjushri KMC at Conishead Priory

Manjushri Kadampa Meditation Centre

Kadampa Temple of World Peace

Travel two miles south of Ulverston, along the A5087 and you will see the dramatic Victorian Gothic mansion that is Conishead Priory.

It sits on a site originally occupied by a twelfth-century Augustinian priory.

Over the years, the building has been a stately home, military hospital and a miners’ retreat.

The main building, Temple and grounds are owned by the Manjushri Buddhist Organisation.

Kadampa Temple for World Peace

This large Gothic Revival building and Kadampa Buddhist Temple are close to Lothlorien and easily accessed by car or train.

Furthermore, if you are interested in a visit to the Buddhist Temple, house or grounds, an introduction to Buddhist meditation, or in-depth courses and retreats, Manjushri KMC offers an enjoyable and meaningful experience.

Additionally, there is a free 15-minute meditation daily at 12.30 and 2pm in the Temple.

Lothlorien is an ideal  place to stay for visitors to the NKT-IKBU International Festivals in Ulverston.

Find out more about the Kampala Festival.

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