Longsleddale is the most easterly of the major valleys of Lakeland, located 4 miles north of Kendal near Garnett Bridge.

It is one of the Lake District’s quieter valleys, perhaps due to the very narrow access roads.


Delightful and straight, this narrow valley stretches for 8 miles and preserves a wonderful unspoilt feel.

Its remote seclusion leaves it untainted by tourism or, for that matter, commercialism.

Unusually, the valley has neither a pub nor a shop along its length.

Furthermore, the valley is an oasis of pastoral tranquillity amidst inhospitable fells.

The valley looks just as it would have centuries ago.

Additionally, it was once an important packhorse route travelling between Scotland and the south, or towards the west.

A petition for a bridge at Sadgill was made in 1717 to allow the river to be crossed when in spate.

Finally, after 8 miles the narrow road peters out and is as far as you can go by car.

The head of the valley above Sadgill is wild and lonely, with broken crags on both sides.

Although untouched by commercialism, one point to note is that Longsleddale was the inspiration for Greendale, the fictional home of Postman Pat and his black and white cat.

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