Cartmel Methodist Chapel

Explore the History of Cartmel Methodist Chapel

Explore the History of Cartmel Methodist Chapel

A Tranquil Haven by the River Eea!

Nestled on Ford Rd, right in the heart of Cartmel village, Cartmel Methodist Chapel is a hidden gem along the banks of the picturesque River Eea.

Unlock the Past: Inaugurated on October 1st, 1872

Step back in time as you discover that this charming chapel, a testament to Cartmel’s history, officially opened its doors on October 1st, 1872. Imagine the echoes of the past as it once seated 150 people, echoing with stories of community and faith.

Explore the History of Cartmel Methodist Chapel

From Home Meetings to Centenary Triumphs

Before this beautiful chapel graced Ford Rd, passionate gatherings were held in homes across the district and even within the Cartmel gatehouse. Uncover the narrative of its humble beginnings and the journey to becoming a central hub for the community.

At its centenary in 1972, the chapel proudly boasted a membership of 23—the largest in its storied history. Join us on this journey through time, exploring the highs and lows that shaped this remarkable community.

More than a Building: A Daily Oasis

Today, the Cartmel Methodist Chapel continues to stand as a symbol of tranquility and simplicity. Open daily from around 10 am to 4 pm, it invites you to bask in the serene atmosphere and connect with the rich history within its walls.

A Unique Invitation: Peace and Reflection in Chapel and Garden

Picture yourself stepping into the chapel, embracing the tranquility that surrounds you. The chapel and garden, a haven for reflection, welcome you to experience a moment of peace. But that’s not all—there’s a fascinating prayer trail awaiting you, complete with guided reflections on the chapel and garden features.

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Uncover the hidden tales, immerse yourself in serenity, and make your visit to Cartmel Methodist Chapel a journey through time. The adventure begins here—don’t miss out on the enchantment that awaits!

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