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Hardcragg Hall

Discover Hardcragg Hall:

Discover the captivating history of Grange through its oldest gem, Hardcragg Hall, a magnificent structure dating back to 1563.

Originally the residence of John Wilkinson, the renowned ironmaster,

Hardcragg Hall holds a storied past that extends beyond its impressive facade.

Wilkinson, a visionary, sailed the first iron boat on the nearby River Winster and played a pivotal role in manufacturing innovative water pipes for Paris.

His craftsmanship also echoes through time, with a cannon he forged being wielded by Wellington at the historic Battle of Waterloo in 1815.

The hall, steeped in industrial significance, served as the hub for Wilkinson’s groundbreaking endeavors.

Adding a touch of literary charm to its legacy, Hardcragg Hall became a muse for Beatrix Potter, the beloved author.

Potter, a close friend of the hall’s owners, frequented the premises, discovering inspiration for her timeless characters.

Notably, the hall housed its own piggery, and during one of Potter’s visits, she encountered the real-life Pigling Bland, immortalized in one of her enchanting storybooks.

The Grange library, believed to stand on the former piggery site, continues to preserve this whimsical connection.

Even today, the area retains echoes of its porcine history; the road adjacent to the library is affectionately named Pig Lane, adding a quaint touch to the surroundings.

Today Hardcragg Hall is a private residence with no access to the public.

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