Elterwater is a charming village on the Great Langdale Beck. It is situated near the lake of the same name. The stone bridge here dates back to 1702.

The lake was given the name ‘Swan Lake’ by the Norsemen, and swans still visit the tarn today. It is one of the smallest of the Lakes, with a length of only 930 metres and a somewhat uneven shape.

The 400-year-old Britannia Inn, located close to the village green, is a lively pub that caters primarily to tourists. Being at the foot of the Langdale valley, the entire area is a terrific place to explore.


The Cumbria Way follows the river until it reaches Skelwith Bridge, where it passes the ‘Chesters By The River’ coffee shop.

The site of a gunpowder mill, which was in full production from 1824 to the end of World War I, is located on the village’s north side. The quarry employed many local men quarrying green slate throughout the years.

Furthermore, farming used to employ a large number of local men but is now no longer the case. Today’s cultivated land hasn’t deteriorated at all, and farming is what keeps the valley’s beauty.

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