Dunmail Raise AA Box

Dunmail Raise AA Box

Dunmail Raise AA Box

The AA box at Dunmail Raise near Grasmere is a unique landmark that has stood the test of time. Located on the A591 road, this small box was at one time a beacon of safety for drivers in the Lake District.

This little yellow and black sentry post is one of the last remaining examples of the old AA box.

The box was built in the 1920s by the Automobile Association (AA) as a shelter for their patrolmen. Back then, the roads in the Lake District were treacherous and often covered in snow during the winter months, especially here at Dunmail Raise.

In remote areas, the letters ‘AA’ on the side panels stood out like a bright beacon of hope for drivers stranded or in trouble.

Dunmail Raise AA Box

The AA patrolmen were responsible for helping stranded drivers, changing tyres, and providing a warm place to rest. The box was fitted with a stove, a table, and a few chairs to make the patrolmen’s work a little more comfortable.

Over time, the box became a symbol of the AA’s commitment to road safety. Drivers knew that if they saw the AA box, help was never too far away. The box also became a popular landmark for tourists, who would stop to take photos and learn about its history.

Despite its small size, the AA box has survived many challenges over the years. During World War II, it was used as a lookout post by the Home Guard, who were tasked with defending the UK from invasion. In the 1960s, the box narrowly avoided being demolished when the road was widened.

Today, the AA box is no longer used as a shelter for patrolmen, but it remains an important part of the Lake District’s history.

In September 2002, the Automobile Association announced that it was phasing out most of its 552 roadside phones because of lack of use.

 It is cared for by the National Trust, who have added a small information board to explain its significance. Visitors can still stop to take photos and learn about the AA’s early days in road safety


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