Clear Thinking at Lothlorien

Clear Thinking at Lothlorien:

I have just been reading an interesting article about which conditions your brain operates best.

Apparently, if you take a walk in the countryside you may just find the answer.

Scientists from Exeter have discovered that we are hard-wired to seek out rural landscapes.

Clear thinking at Lothlorien

Rural landscapes make us feel calm, while cities and urban areas confuse us and make us aggressive.

Preliminary results used an MRI scanner.

Results showed what happens in the brain when associated with being in a calm and meditative state

Areas within the brain lit up when people viewed images of a rural setting.

Images of urban environments resulted in a significant delay in reaction as the brain worked harder to process the visual complexity.

Dr Ian Frampton, a University of Exeter psychologist concluded the following:

When looking at urban environments the brain is doing a lot of processing.

It then struggles because it doesn’t know what the environment is.

Even if you have lived in a city all your life, it seems that your brain doesn’t quite know what to do with the information and has to do more visual processing.

So if you are struggling to think straight, take a deep breath and take a look at this picture (taken at Greenodd)


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