Wings Over Windermere

Wings Over Windermere

Wings Over Windermere:

Wings over Windermere has been a unique and exhilarating event celebrating the key role Windermere played in the development of seaplanes  held on England’s largest lake.

On display was Waterbird the only replica seaplane of its era anywhere in the world.

Wings Over Windermere

Waterbird is a replica of the first seaplane to fly from Windermere, and two Husky seaplanes, were the first to fly from the lake in nearly 30 years

Apart from the modern engine, it faithfully recreates the detail of the original Waterbird from 1911, when it was the first seaplane to successfully fly in the UK.

It was commissioned by Edward Wakefield from A. V. Roe & Co (‘Avro’) as a landplane and converted to a seaplane at Windermere, where the pilot was Herbert Stanley Adams.

The event marked the climax of a 13-year project to create an exact copy of the iconic Waterbird.

The replica has been constructed from wood, bamboo and wires: the same materials used to construct the original.

One of the challenges for the team behind the project has been to remain faithful to the original construction while meeting modern health and safety legislation.

Waterbird is able to take off on the water, fly up to 100 feet in a straight line along the lake’s surface, and then land on water, demonstrating the remarkable capabilities of this early aeroplane.

Wings Over Windermere

Waterbird is unique and one of a kind. There are only two original historic seaplanes still flying – 1929 Hamilton Metalplane H-47 floatplane in the USA and the 1935 Caproni & Ca.100 floatplane in Italy.

Success at last for Waterbird has given fresh impetus to the creation of a permanent Heritage Centre on the shore of Lake Windermere.

The Centre would address the history of seaplanes from their origins, through the creation on Windermere of the first seaplane school in the UK.

A new book, written by two trustees of The Lakes Flying Company,  Anne Hughes and Ian Gee, tells the story of two aeroplanes.

Waterbird Wings over Windermere

The first Waterbird, which flew more than 60 flights on Windermere, set in motion the production of seaplanes used in World War 1. The story of the second Waterbird, the replica, is equally fascinating, telling the story of many challenges resulting in a thirteen year programme from dream to reality.

To purchase this fascinating book click, the image or follow this link.

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