Warton Crag in Limestone Country

Warton Crag and Occupation Road

Warton Crag and Occupation Road:

Warton Crag is a glorious limestone cliff situated in Warton near Carnforth.

It is the most southerly of the wooded limestone hills typical of the area.

The area is rich in rare flora and fauna making it a Site of Special Scientific interest (SSS).

Some of the plants and colourful flowers growing in and around the limestone include:

  1. Purple orchids;
  2. Rock rose;
  3. Horseshoe vetch;
  4. Bird’s foot trefoil.

At 163m (535ft) Warton Crag is the highest point in the Arnside and Silverdale area.

The area is within an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The area is especially good for butterflies which include:

  1. Small tortoise shell;
  2. Peacock;
  3. Holly blue;
  4. High brown fritillary.

The Warton Crag Nature Reserve is an excellent starting point to explore the area.

Additionally, there is a free car park off Crag Road in Warton, Carnforth LA5 9RY.

Further along Crag Road is a bridleway know as Occupation Road.

The track is an old Drover’s road where cattle and other livestock were driven back in the days before refrigeration.

At the time, it was the only way to ensure fresh meat was to buy it when it was still alive!

The prominent limestone scars in the area are popular with rock climbers, including the crumbling main quarry.

The quarry is visible for miles around (especially from the M6) as it takes an unsightly bite out of the hillside.

From the summit of the crag, you will pass a beacon and a trig point where you get wonderful views over Morecambe Bay and Arnside.

Looking out into the bay from the top of the crag, you are looking at the old main road across the sands.

The route was, and still is, treacherous and many lives lost over the years thanks to the quick sand and even quicker tides.

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