Laughing Gravy Dog Ulverston

Laughing Gravy Dog Ulverston

Laughing Gravy Dog Ulverston: A Tribute to Comic Genius

The Birthplace of a Comedy Legend

Stan Laurel, the iconic thin man of the comedy duo, was born in Ulverston on June 16, 1890.

Laughing Gravy Dog Ulverston

His birthplace became a source of immense pride for the town, and in 2009, the Laughing Gravy statue was unveiled as a tribute to the town’s most famous son and his comedic partner.

A Masterful Creation

The Laughing Gravy statue, sculpted by the talented Graham Ibbeson, stands 10% larger than life, capturing the essence of Laurel and Hardy’s comedic partnership.

Stan Laurel, with his signature wide-eyed innocence and hapless demeanor, is depicted alongside the stout and irascible Oliver Hardy, their contrasting personalities perfectly complementing each other.

A Beloved Landmark

The Laughing Gravy statue has become a beloved landmark in Ulverston, attracting visitors from all over the world.

Fans of Laurel and Hardy come to pay homage to their comedic idols, while newcomers discover the joy of their slapstick antics through the statue’s expressive figures.

A Symbol of Laughter and Timeless Entertainment

The Laughing Gravy statue stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of Laurel and Hardy.

Their comedy, characterised by physical humor, impeccable timing, and a deep understanding of human nature, continues to bring laughter to audiences of all ages.

Laughing Gravy Dog Ulverston: A Tribute to Comic Genius

The statue serves as a reminder of the power of laughter and the joy of shared experiences.

A Visit to Ulverston

A visit to Ulverston is incomplete without a stop outside the Coronation Hall in County Square to admire the Laughing Gravy statue.

Take a moment to appreciate the artistry of the sculpture and the comedic genius it portrays.

Capture a photo with the iconic duo and share it with friends and family, spreading the joy of Laurel and Hardy’s timeless comedy.

The Laughing Gravy statue is a symbol of Ulverston’s rich heritage and its connection to the world of comedy.

It is a must-see for any fan of Laurel and Hardy, and a reminder of the power of laughter to bring people together.

Both the statue and Stan Laurel‘s birthplace can be seen in Ulverston.

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