The pretty coastal village of Heysham overlooks Morecambe Bay which is 45 minutes away by car from Lothlorien.

The village has many beautiful 17th-century cottages and is well known for its colourful floral displays.

Only a short stroll from the village are two areas of woodland, open grassland, sandy beaches, and rock pools.

Standing on the stunning headland above the village is the ruin of St Patrick’s Chapel, which possibly dates back to the mid-eighth century.

It is likely the chapel was built to provide a place of rest for people visiting the rock-cut graves which are thought to have attracted early Christian pilgrims.

Furthermore, local tradition states that St Patrick may well have come ashore here in the fifth century, after being shipwrecked off the coast, and subsequently established a small chapel. 

As mentioned, the existing chapel is thought to have been built at least two centuries later to encourage the act of pilgrimage.

A short walk away from the chapel at Heysham is the remains of eight rock-cut graves carved into the headland.

Several of them are body-shaped and have rock-cut sockets, possibly for wooden crosses. 

The graves were created around the eleventh century and were used for burying very high-status individuals.

Nearer the village is St Peter’s Church the active church for Heysham.

The oldest parts of the church date back to the 8th century but there is evidence of an earlier wooden church nearer the sea.

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