Cautley Spout and Falls

Cautley Spout and Falls

Cautley Spout and Falls:

Set amongst the lonely Howgill Fells, near Sedbergh, Cautley Spout is one of the most spectacular places on the Cumbrian border with the Yorkshire Dale’s National Park.

As you look up the valley, to the left is the stern, dark Cautley Crag with the peak of the Great Dummucks in the background.

To the right is Yarlside with Ben End below it.

At the end of the valley, forming a cascade of foaming water down the fell is Cautley Spout, a spectacular waterfall dropping in steps down the 700 feet to Cautley Holme beck which eventually joins the Rawthey.

Cautley Spout and Falls

The valley into which the waterfall tumbles was formed mainly through the action of glaciers thousands of years ago when the climate of the Dales was much colder than today.

There have been at least three ice ages during the past 500,000 years. During each, the valley was filled with ice, which scoured the floor and trimmed back the fellside.

Cautley Spout and Falls

The most recent Ice Age, during which most of the country was covered by ice ended 12,000 years ago.

In more recent times the valley was home to Iron Age settlers and remains of the stone-built houses and stock pens can still be seen.

Cautley Spout and Falls

The rounded Fells are now home to sheep, mainly from the indigenous Rough Fell breed.

This is common land and is used for stock grazing by a local farmer and has never been enclosed.


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