Allan Bank National Trust

Allan Bank National Trust

Allan Bank National Trust:

Allan Bank is a beautiful National Trust property on the edge of Grasmere.

The site sits on one of the most desirable sites in Grasmere with panoramic views into the Vale of Grasmere.

Originally, the plot was bought by Liverpool lawyer, John Crump, who in 1805 built Allan Bank.

It is also a former home of Canon Rawnsley, who was a co-founder of the National Trust.

Its construction met with much local opposition.

The property was condemned as an eyesore by poet William Wordsworth when it was being built. 

He described it as ‘a temple of abomination’ due to its pink walls being directly in the view of Dove Cottage.

To add more intrigue to the story, in 1808 after he had married, he and Mary moved here with their three children John, Thomas, and Dora. 

Additionally, also living with them was Mary’s sister Sara Hutchinson, and their literary friends Thomas de Quincey and Samuel Taylor Coleridge. 

They stayed here for two years during which time they had two more children, Catherine and William, but they moved on because the chimneys smoked too much, and they fell out with the landlord.

The house was exposed on all sides to the winds, and as a result, the chimneys smoked so badly that, in stormy weather, most of the rooms were uninhabitable. On one particularly rough night, the family had to retreat to the least affected room, Wordsworth’s study, and even then were unable to see each other for the smoke.

In the summer of 1811, the Wordsworths left Allan bank and moved into the rectory next to Grasmere church.

Today, the building itself isn’t a typical country house experience as it is only partially decorated and many of the rooms virtually empty.

That said, Allan Bank is different from any other National Trust property as you can sit and relax, read the papers, make a brew and generally imagine you live there. If that is not enough, the views and location are to die for on the edge of Grasmere

Allan Bank National Trust

During the 2021 pandemic, the team at Allan Bank have been tackling a longstanding woodworm problem.

Woodworm has damaged the structural timbers in the cellar and ground floor.

In addition, traditional lath and plaster has been used to rebuild Coleridge’s bedroom ceiling.

Where possible, the original timber has been salvaged and floorboards replaced in their original locations.

Allan Bank is well known for the red squirrels that feed in the garden.

Stargazing is also known as a recognised ‘dark Sky Discover Site’. It is one of just two in Cumbria.

In the dark winter evening, there is barely any light disturbance, making it a perfect spot to look up at the stars.

With fantastic views from the property, Allan Bank is well worth a visit anytime.

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