Toll Gate - Ulverston

Toll-Gate House, Ulverston

Toll-Gate House, Ulverston:

Tollgates were set up in the 18th century in an effort to raise money for the improvement of turnpikes.

This listed, six-sided toll-gate  is situated in the garden of number 45 on Daltongate in Ulverston, Cumbria. 

It dates back to 1754 and  is constructed of rendered brickwork.

It has two storeys, three sides face a yard to the east which is easily visible from Daltongate.

Furthermore, the central doorway has double doors with 3 raised and fielded panels.

To conclude, the property would provide accommodation for a toll collector.

The toll collectors  job would be to collect money on one of the two main roads into Ulverston.

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