Sandscale Haws

Sandscale Haws – Roanhead

Sandscale Haws – Roanhead:

The Sandscale Haws National Trust Reserve is an outstanding coastal dune habitat situated on the Duddon Estuary near Barrow-in-Furness.

There are wonderful views overlooking the stunning Lakeland Fells.

Furthermore, it is home to some unique wildlife and home to a unique range of fauna.

The Roanhead area is also a refuge to the rare natterjack toad where it be can found in sandy places.

They tend to dig burrows in soft sand dunes and breed in shallow pools.

Several characteristics differentiate the natterjack from the common toad.

Notably, it is the yellow line down the middle of the natterjacks back.

Additionally, the natterjack is smaller and more olive-green in colour, with shinier and smoother skin.

Natterjack toads are protected in the UK under Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. It is illegal to disturb them or handle them without a licence.

To sum up, populations are declining nationally, and beyond the north-west and Solway coasts, natterjacks cling on at just a handful of dunes in East Anglia and on sandy heaths in Surrey and Hampshire.

Furthermore, this stunning area is home to greater crested newts, butterflies and dune pansies.

In winter it is home to thousands of migratory waders and wildfowl and the coastal habitats are of international importance for wildlife.

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