Old Park Wood

Old Park Wood

Old Park Wood:

Old Park Wood is an ancient woodland situated on the Holker Estate.

The area is managed for wildlife and conservation purposes and is an internationally important habitat.

Accordingly, the woodland in the area supports a rich diversity of flora and fauna.

Before the last world war, much of the woodland was managed for coppice production.

Young trees are cut to the ground level to encourage vigorous regrowth and a sustainable supply of timber.

In the past, the material was used in gun powder production and to fire Lime Kilns in the locality.

As a result, coppicing is carried out primarily to improve the biodiversity of the woodland and create habitats for wildlife.

Opening up the woodland to create open spaces encourages smaller native shrubs and flowers.

In addition, open spaces benefit moths, butterflies and birds.

Furthermore, the Estate works with national bodies to protect this habitat and conserve wildlife such as the native red squirrel.

This involves controlling grey squirrels using humane cage traps for instance.

Wild Roe deer are also controlled to prevent damage to growing trees.

Finally, the coppiced material is now used to make craft products and charcoal using traditional charcoal burners.

Just outside the wood, there are fantastic views across the Leven Estuary to the mountains around Coniston in the Lake District. There is a car parking nearby at the Leven’s Estuary Car Park.

Old Park Wood



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