Limestone Pavement

Limestone Pavement

Limestone Pavement:

Limestone can be found all over the South Lakes and the Cartmel peninsula.

For a moment, forget your visions of rolling countryside and babbling brooks; Cartmel, nestled in the heart of the South Lakes, offers a wilder allure.

It’s a land where nature flexed its muscles during the Ice Age, carving and sculpting the limestone bedrock into a wonderland of peaks and chasms.

But don’t be fooled by the rugged exterior of Hampsfell; this seemingly harsh terrain cradles a surprising wealth of life, thriving in the unique microclimate and crevices these giants have forged.

And the numbers tell a fascinating story.

The South Lakes limestone pavements cover a staggering 30 square kilometers, a veritable city of stone stretching from the windswept slopes of Farleton Fell to the hidden nooks of Silverdale and Arnside.

Imagine, that’s enough space to house over 4,000 football pitches in this intricate rock mosaic! (Source: South Lakeland District Council, Cartmel Peninsula Local Plan)

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