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During the winter months at Lakeside, the boats belonging to Windermere Lake Cruises are taken out of service for their marine equivalent of an MoT.

Once the boats are out of the water their hulls are power washed to remove the green algae that has accumulated over the summer months.

After that, the deck boards are removed, and the vessels  are made available for inspection by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency.

Their surveyor goes over the vessels with a fine toothcomb.

They check everything from the bilges and hull to the engines and steering to ensure everything is shipshape for the coming season.

Carrying out the winter maintenance programme is a responsible job.

The same people who sail the thousands of visitors on Windermere complete the winter maintenance.

Moreover, the captains and mate engineers sail the 17 vessels through the summer months repair them in the winter.

The summer months see them wearing their uniforms and winter their boilersuits.

The big four -Teal, Swan, Tern and the new Swift- can only come out of the water at Lakeside near Newby Bridge.

Windermere Boats

Their smaller vessels dock at the company’s Ambleside boatyard for repairs.

At the moment, one of Windermere Lake Cruises’ most iconic vessels (pictured) is having a brand new bridge fitted.

The current bridge has been in place for the last 30 years.

Once repaired and back in the water, the boats operate for 364 days a year.

Only on a handful of occasions that atrocious weather makes it unsafe to sail. On average the company loses 3-4 days per year due to poor weather.

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