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Gummer’s How

Gummer’s How:

Embark on an Adventure: Gummers How Car Park – Your Gateway to Scenic Heights

Gummer’s How is a rocky knoll rising above the southern reach of Windermere.

Gummer’s How awaits, inviting intrepid souls to uncover its breathtaking views and natural splendor.

Your journey begins at the Gummer’s How Car Park, strategically positioned to launch you into an expedition filled with awe and wonder.

Gummer's How

Ease into the Adventure: Accessing Gummer’s How with Panache

The ascent to Gummer’s How might seem daunting, but fear not.

For those preferring a leisurely start, a drive from the Newby Bridge road leads you to the car park, conveniently situated near the summit on the right.

Rev your engines for the challenging yet rewarding experience that lies ahead.

Trailblazing Delight: Unveiling the Path to Gummer’s Howe

As you cross the road, an intriguing footpath beckons, marked with the distinctive “Gummer’s Howe (with an e)” sign.

Gummer's How

Pass through the gate and let your exploration unfold along a well-trodden path, guiding you gracefully towards the trig point atop Gummer’s How.

This isn’t just a walk; it’s a journey through nature’s wonders.

Panoramic Grandeur: A Vista Like No Other

Reaching the summit, weather permitting, rewards you with a panoramic spectacle. Behold a mesmerizing view, stretching along Windermere and embracing the majesty of the Lake District.

The western shore, adorned with woodlands, sets the stage for a captivating backdrop.

Witness the Coniston range, the Langdale Pikes, High Raise, and Steel Fell etching their silhouettes against the sky.

Gummer's How

A Walk Through Time: Gummer’s How Unveiled

But the adventure doesn’t end there. As the trail winds down, you realize that this expedition is more than just steps and vistas. How did Gummer’s How get its name? What tales linger in its rocky embrace? The walk, seemingly brief at an hour, is a teaser—an introduction to the mysteries awaiting discovery.

In the grand tapestry of nature, Gummer’s How is a mere 8 miles from Lothlorien, yet a world away.

As you step into this natural haven, remember: the journey is not just about reaching the summit; it’s about embracing the allure of the unknown and uncovering the secrets that nature has artfully concealed.

Lace-up your boots and step into the magic that is Gummer’s How. The adventure begins here.

You can drive the difficult steep bit from the Newby Bridge road and park in the car park near the top on the right.

Cross the road and look for the footpath sign marked Gummer’s Howe (with an e).

Go through the gate and walk along a good path that climbs up to the trig point on the top.

From the summit (on a clear day) you will get a fantastic view along Windermere and up into the Lake District.

Gummer's How

Beyond the wooded western shore of the lake, the long backcloth of mountains includes the Coniston range, the Langdale Pikes, High Raise and Steel Fell.

To conclude, the walk can easily be done in an hour.

Gummer’s How is 8 miles from Lothlorien.

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