Gelt Woods

Delightful Gelt Wood

Delightful Gelt Wood


Explore the enchanting Gelt Wood near Brampton, a captivating destination that promises a delightful experience.

A brief stroll from the convenient car park leads you into an ancient deciduous woodland, unveiling the wonders of nature.

Meander along the path tracing the valley of the river Gelt, where you’ll encounter a striking red sandstone gorge and a Roman quarry, offering a glimpse into the region’s rich history.

Discover the hidden treasures within this Cumbrian gem, adorned with intriguing graffiti that whispers tales of the past, dating back almost 2000 years.

As you wander through the woods, witness the sandstone cliffs bearing the enduring marks of Roman stonemasons who worked tirelessly during the construction of Hadrian’s Wall.

These marks, dating back to AD 2007, stand as a testament to the laborious efforts undertaken for the repair and refortification of the iconic wall.

Remarkably, this site stands among the few Roman quarries in England adorned with inscriptions, including a captivating caricature poking fun at a commanding officer and a symbol of good luck, the phallus.

However, recognising the impact of erosion on these historical treasures, a crucial partnership between Historic England and archaeologists from Newcastle University aims to create a comprehensive photographic record.

This initiative ensures that the valuable inscriptions and unique features are preserved for future generations.

Gelt Wood stands as a rare and significant testament to England’s Roman history, making it a must-visit destination for history enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

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