Claife Viewing Station

Claife Viewing Station

Claife Viewing Station

The Claife Viewing Station is an attraction well worth a visit and not too far from Lothlorien.

The station is on the western shores of Lake Windermere where you can stroll from the viewing station to the Ash Landing Nature Reserve to see the wildflowers and butterflies.

Set on a rocky hillside overlooking Windermere, this ruin of a residence is noted for each room being glazed in different coloured glass to represent the landscape in the changing seasons.

It’s a 10-minute walk from Windermere Lake Cruises Ferry House. From here you can see for miles across Lake Windermere.

It was originally built in the 1790s as a summer house by a local clergyman and further expanded in later years. It was once owned by the Curwen family, who owned Belle Isle, Windermere’s only inhabited island.

During the 1800s the building was used by wealthy visitors for social events, such as parties and dances and theatricals.

It was certainly a place to go and been seen on Windermere at that time.

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