Brigflatts Meeting House

Brigflatts Friends Meeting House

Brigflatts Friends Meeting House of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), is in the hamlet of Brigflatts about a mile or so outside of Sedbergh. It sits on a bend on the river Rawthay.

George Fox, founder of the Quakers, preached in Sedbergh in 1652, introducing a religious movement that rapidly swept through the surrounding dales.

This beautiful building was built in 1675 and is the second oldest Friends Meeting House in England. The oldest is in Hertford which is the earliest surviving purpose-built Quaker meeting house in the world.

The community at that time was much larger than it is today, with several hundred people employed in the manufacture of flax who lived locally in cottages around the green.

In 1660, Friends within the community first bought a piece of land to use as a burial ground for ‘Friends of Sedbergh, Dent, Garsdale, Middleton, Killington and Ewbank’. They paid 10/- for it from a Quaker called Richard Robinson.

Brigflatts Friends Meeting House

Fourteen years later, in 1674, they bought more land, this time as the site of their first meeting house.

Brigflatts is unusual for a Friends meeting house, in the way the Friends planned the interior. The door and windows face south and the other three walls are blank. The gallery runs around three sides, backing onto these three walls and terminating at the end of each front wall. Here two pairs of of windows light the loft and the space below.

Brigflatts Friends Meeting House


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